About WashURhands

WashURHands is a small, woman owned start up in Blacksburg and Covington, Va. We have developed a patent pending hand wash educational system that revolutionizes the way to encourage and track  hand washing compliance across industries, within schools and even the home, to make a safer environment for everyone.

Our real time education helps develop best practice habits to improve the health of your organization, thus saving  you money.

To make the world a safer, healthier place by empowering people and organizations
to achieve better hand hygiene habits.

To be the world leading source for accurate, affordable, and easy to use
handwashing compliance systems.

Integrity, honesty, hard work, innovation, and value.

There is a niche gap in the market for affordable, accurate, behavior enhancement
systems that foster, monitor, and provide management analytics for hand hygiene in
the correct way and at the correct moment. GermZAPP is intentionally designed
and positioned to fill this gap.

How GERMZAPP works

Interview of CEO Lisa Broyden discussing the importance of proper hand hygiene, and showcasing the very first GermZAPP prototype. 

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Our Company

By modeling our system after similar products developed exclusively for health care,  we have broken the mold by making ours intuitive, simple, easy to follow, and far more affordable than the medical systems. Our system is collaborative, not punitive. We saw the niche market for schools, restaurants and businesses, and jumped on it. 

Our sink-side hand wash tool makes hygiene compliance interactive and fun by following the audio and visual cues. Optional features include customizable tunes and images. The compliant or non-compliant events are recorded with a time stamp and sent to our secure cloud based analytics page. Access to this data reporting allows administrators and management to track and encourage the CDC recommended hand hygiene best practices.

In development, is a unit for alcohol based sanitizer dispensers, that will be able to provide support to enhance health and safety as conventions, concerts and sports resume, and the Cruise Ship Industry gears back up. See FAQ #7


WashURHands is leading in innovative handwashing technology.

No!  Compliance tracking can be done anonymously in places such as schools.  If individual employee tracking is desired — such as restaurants and pharmacies — then only the individuals with ID badges will be tracked.

No!  GermZAPP uses various proximity sensors to detect an individual in the washing area.  GermZAPP thus does not violate any bathroom or privacy laws.

Healthy employees mean better productivity.  If employees are not complying with handwashing requirements, then they are more prone to spread illnesses which will lead to a loss in productivity.

In restaurant settings, improper hand washing could result in health code violations which would not only cost money directly, but also cost money indirectly via reputation.

In school settings, early habit formation is crucial, and keeping students and teachers healthy decreases loss of critical government funding.

GermZAPPs patent pending handwash monitoring technology and cloud based control panel allows authorized personnel to track individual employee or anonymous hand washing data on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.  Performance of individual employees and/or anonymous wash stations can be monitored via our cloud based control panel from anywhere via authorized users.

GermZAPP was designed from the ground up to be affordable for small businesses, restaurants, as well as larger organizations.  Since it may be desireable to install a GermZAPP unit in every bathroom or at every wash station, WashURHands knew that the individual units and the cloud based service would need to be affordable.

No.  Although nothing can be completely unhackable, GermZAPP has been designed with network security in mind including encrypted passwords.

YES! We are developing a battery operated unit to attach to a free standing alcohol based sanitizer dispenser. 

1. Portable GermZAPP units can be paired with sanitizer dispensing stations. 
2. The portable units would have images and animations branded to the Convention Center with sanitizer cues.
3. The Waiting Screen can be a static Convention Center branded image or it could be an ad animation.  It can advertise other upcoming shows/events at the  Center.
4. Using the auditory feature, the unit can have actual vocal ads running with the visual ads.
5. The unit provides Anonymous User data that could be accessed via the cloud dashboard. The Center could track and see what percentage of attendees are using the sanitizing stations properly by comparing the GermZapp numbers to ticket sales, etc.
6. The  images/animations could also include Next Steps at the conclusion of the timed sanitizer sequence such as “See our keynote speaker”
7. The GermZAPP unit could  provide a coupon code at the conclusion of the timed sanitizer sequence to incentiveize people to stay for the duration.
8. GermZAPP’s battery powered unit makes them easily placed in various locations (such as the Lobby walkways). 

Contact us: info@washurhands.us